ICANN公認レジストラ。ドメイン取得、ドメインコンサルティングのGonbei Domain(ゴンベエドメイン)



  • ゴンベエニュース
  • 2010/07/08


6月30日以降、「ドメイン登録者情報の正確性」に関する確認メール(件名:Domain Name Information Confirmation 送信元:REMINDER@cnnic.cn)が、CNNICより登録者のメールアドレス宛に送信されております。.cnドメインをお持ちのお客様は、メール本文内にあるリンクにアクセスの上、確認作業をお願いいたします。



Domain Name Information Confirmation
(Please do not reply to the sender)

Dear CN Domain Name User:

Thank you for registering for CN domain name.
According to the policy in Article 28th of "China Internet Domain Name Regulations": applicant for domain
name registrant shall submit true, accurate and complete domain name registration information and sign a
registrant agreement with domain name registrar.
Upon completion of domain name registration, applicant of domain name registrant will become a registered
domain name holder.
Domain name holder’s true, accurate and complete domain name registration information is a certificate of
rights for domain name transfer and information change. In order to protect your rights of being a domain
name holder, please follow the prompts to confirm your domain name registration information.

Registrant Information
Domain Name:
Registrant id:
Registrant name:
Registrant org:
Registrar name:

If your domain name registration information is true, accurate and complete, please click the following
URL to confirm:


If the above URL is not responding, copy the link to browser's address bar to be connected. For further
questions, please send email to service@cnnic.cn. If domain name registration information is not being
confirmed within 15 days in receipt of this notification, your domain name will be processed according
to relevant provisions.

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
Tel: 86-10-58813000
Fax: 86-10-58812666
Website: http://www.cnnic.cn
E-mail: service@cnnic.cn

ICANN公認ドメイン登録サービス。海外ドメイン取得、コンサルティングのGonbei Domain(ゴンベエドメイン)は株式会社インターリンク(プロバイダー)が提供をしています。